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E85 on turbo

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I have a 1FZE engine that is turbo charged currently running 1.5 bar boost on ID1000 injectors with a 60% duty cycle. I have been thinking about running more boost up to 2 bar with e85 fuel, will i need bigger injectors or the id1000 will be enough? And could someone give me an estimation of howmuch ign timing i could give using e85 fuel?

Also guys if i want to mix ignite 114 fuel with pump gas in the stock tank with the same fuel system to reduce to idc and reduce the racing fuel consumption, how can i do the mixing? For example if i want 40% ignite 114 fuel and 60% pump gas


Hi Omaralsaw,

When switching to E85 you'll need to use more than 30% more injector duty for the same output, i.e. your injectors will need to run over 90% on your current 1.5 bar of boost to meet demand.

Ignition timing is different for every engine so your best way to find out is on a dyno with high quality knock detection equipment.

Andre has done a few webinars on E85 tuning for different ECU platforms, here's the ones for Motec and Link:



I'm not sure what the composition of Ignite 114 is, their site isn't giving much information away but if you're planning on running a race fuel then you should run pure race fuel. The reason behind this is because the fuel will have been made to a specific tolerance with specific ingredients and concentrations, you'll be adding pump fuel which could have a negative effect on some of these and drop the AKI of the fuel.

Depending on the actual compression ratio that you're running, it's likely that you will be able to tune to MBT timing without encountering knock on E85. There's a LOT of variables though that will affect the actual advance the engine will take, where the knock limit is, and the specific advance required to achieve MBT so you need to test on a dyno for your application.

You can mix a race fuel and pump fuel as you see fit. The more race gas you mix in, the higher the effective octane and the more boost and/or timing you'll be able to run without knock. The amount of race fuel you need to use to achieve your power aims will be dependent on how knock limited your engine configuration is on pure pump gas.

I'd offer a word of warning though if you are going to mix fuels as if you're relying on the octane to keep your engine reliable and your mix isn't exactly accurate then you risk engine damage.

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