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Hi guys,

I need some help with a project that I have to do. My team is going to tune a nice mitsubishi EVO. It already produces 550 hp and we are going to achieve better figures. I need your advice on which knock sensor and wideband lambda to buy. We have a LSU 4.2 and considering to buy a knock sensor from PLEX. What's your suggestion? Any website that I can buy from or to have a look at? Thank you in advance guys for your help

What controller are you using for your wideband sensor?

for more information on the Plex system here's their site:


Here's an article on tuning tools:


An article on knock devices:


Essential knock knowledge:


And finally, setting up the Plex unit:


personally for knock detection I use a Phormula KS4, a good piece of kit but basic when compared to the plex unit which is next on my shopping list.

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