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how to setup injectors in link g4 +

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Hi is there any where you type in the size of the injectors on link g4 storm or how does the ecu know what size the injectors are ?

It depends if you're using traditional mode or modelled fuel mode. In traditional fuel mode there is no input for the injector size. You can alter the scaling of the main fuel table by adjusting the 'Master Fuel' value. This value describes the injector pulsewidth that will be provided with a value of 100% in the main fuel table at 100 kPa before any background comps are applied.

If you're using the modelled fuel equation then the fuel table is actually a VE table and models the airflow into the engine. In this mode you need to set the injector flow and this can be found in the 'Injector Setup' screen. You will need the measured flow as well as the pressure the injectors were tested at. If you have short pulse width adder data you can enter this also.

thank you for a excelent answer ! whould you mind answering another stupid question ?

how do you set up the RPM limit on G4 + ? :)

It's under the limits tab, rev limit folder.

Have you seen that there is a full tutorial on the G4+? it covers all of the controls and setting up all of the options/limits etc which should get you up and running

thanks for the answers Chris !

no i didnt know that, whould you mind posting a link or the name of the webinar ?

It's a course, 'Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial'.

If you go into the courses section of the site and sign up

*edit: added a link


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