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So, I am looking for a webinar that I watched a while back but cannot remember which one it was. I believe it was one of the webinars where Andre is talking about tuning a turbocharged engine. Specifically, he talked about adding extra fuel to the cells under the cells at the shift point (or end of the ramp run) that would make the car run a little richer to help with cooling the engine, and he also mentions that this can have the added effect of possibly shooting flames out of the exhaust. I am not really interested in shooting flames, it was just one of the talking points I remember from the webinar. I am mostly interested in the tuning aspect of adding a little more fuel to help control engine temperatures and wanted to find that webinar.

For reference, the car is a B5 Audi A4 with a 1.8t motor and the overall goal of the car is the run in 1/2 mile events. Thanks!

The two webinars that come to mind are linked to below. I can't remember without watching them in their entirety if the specific topics you raised were discussed. You'll have to forgive me as with 200+ webinars now in our archive my memory gets a little hazy on some details. There's a variety of ways to handle engine protection though depending on what you want to achieve. For a half mile event you're putting a lot of load on the engine and due to the sustained high boost/WOT operation you're likely to see temperature rise in the last 1/4 mile in particular. I'd suggest considering IAT based fuel compensation combined possibly with ground speed based trimming of fuel/timing to provide you with a suitable safety margin.