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hello how are you so i have a 2JZ single turbo with a link g4+ ecu that i want to tune a have fully understand how to tune afr and ignition but coming to antilag i want to know how do i make it sound like a pistol or like an ak47 or also a shotgun the second thing how do i make the car at idle run like a fake agressive camshaft is it with cyclic idle ? if yes how do i make it idle quickly and how do i make it bounce on idle slowly thank you

another thing about antilag it is used for removing lag from turbo a but the problem is i dont have turbo rpm to log it and know that i am tuning correct what do you advice me to do also about rpm limit if i set it 6300 how do i make it slow and how do i make it fast ( Limit ignition trim ) is -5 if i make it -15 will it bang harder on rev limiter ?

I don't really specialise in replicating gun noises unfortunately. The sound of an antilag system will depend on the amount of ignition retard being used, the cut type, and the control range of the rpm limit. Also note that there are two very separate functions that are referred to as antilag - one is rally style antilag which happens when the driver is off the throttle. The other is used to build boost while stationary in a drag car and this happens when the driver is at full throttle.

The loping idle of a large cam can be achieved with the cyclic idle function used with antilag. This is where the throttle is held open and the idle speed is controlled by cutting fuel to individual cylinders.

what i need is rally style anti-lag for my drift car because i want boost after i let off the throttle and hit is back again

We covered a basic introduction to antilag operation in a webinar which you can watch here: