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cutoff bang

Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial

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how i can make progressive bang at cutoff .. i try anything .. i know it's ignition cut but still backfire at cutoff

( drift car )

note : i know it's very risk .. but we needed

i would be interested to know,

i tried ignition cut and commanding -20 degree of timing but i dont get timing retard, i tried antilag but didnt work timing doesnt change at revlimiter,

im also commanding 11.8 afr i might not be rich enough and the other thing im using stock exhaust so that might another reason why its not working

Are you talking about bangs on the rev limiter or on over run? If you're meaning when the limiter is active then I'd suggest using an ignition cut (at your own risk) and then playing with the limit control range. This will affect the harshness of the cut. You can adjust this along with the hard limit activation point to get the rev limit effect you desire.

yes, im talking about when rev limiter is active

i tried ignition cut with different hysteresis value if that what you mean by limit control range??, but i have an issue with the advance mode the engine bounce 3 times then it feels like its hitting a wall or dies for 1 sec, my end cut is 100% not sure if its the issue

and i want to know what are "end cut" "exit decay rate" "limit ignition trim" and if they are have any effect on how long the engine would hold the rev limiter and backfire

Hi Fahad, check out the following webinar which describes the Link G4+ rev limit operation in detail: https://www.hpacademy.com/previous-webinars/084-link-g4-rev-limit-configuration/

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