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injection timing

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hello :)

i want to know about injection timing btdc .. Depending on what we set 320btdc or 400btdc and etc ... !?

also there injection rate on ( fuel main ) :

1 engine cycle and 1/2 engine cycle ....... Depending on what and what should we put ?

The injection timing defines where in the engine cycle the fuel injection event occurs. The timing can be defined as the start of the injection or end of the injection event and the actual timing is defined in degrees before TDC on the compression stroke. you can set this to a single value or a full table if desired. We did a webinar that gives you more insight into this parameter here:

The Injection Rate parameter defines how often the injectors are pulsed relative to the engine cycle. Conventionally with multi point injection you would set this to 1 will inject fuel once per 720 degrees of crankshaft rotation. If you're using throttle body injection you may be better to set this to 1/2 which will inject every 360 degrees of crankshaft rotation.

This parameter is only available for single point group or multi point group injection modes and if you're running sequential injection it will always inject once per engine cycle (720 deg).