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hi everyone. I just signed up. So new to all of this.

I own a motorcycle race shop in California (USA, of course). I have been building performance 4-stroke multi-cylinder race engines and tuning on a Dynojet Dyno since 1987. I also have a strong background in different technical engineering g roles for Ducati and Kawasaki, as well as in Honda with IndyCar engines.

Im new to complete Engine Management Systems, however. We have a bike project we have been developing since 2002. It started life as a Honda 400cc V-4 NC-35 with 53hp. Now, we call it the NC450V as it’s been bored and stroked to 450cc with 84hp+.

The latest upgrades have been converting from carburetor to EFI. We started out using an AEM EMS-4, but quickly found its limitations. So, in the last couple of years, we have upgraded to a Motec M130. I am here to get the most out of that Engine Management platform. Any help with:

•Ignition Tuning

•Traction Control

•Launch Control

•Fly by Wire

I would be most grateful.

Mike Norman

G-Force Engine Development