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4 bar MAP sensor (0 281 002 576)

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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This sensor's data sheet claims to only read down to 50kPa. I assume that I need to configure the ECU to switch to the estimate table below 50kPa.

Would I purposely reduce the delay time for fault, and then set the low voltage to just over 50kPA so it fails to the estimate table?

or am I totally wrong about this approach?

M150/LS Engine / Turbo if it makes a difference.

edit: seems this is a good reason now to use this sensor. So maybe my question is irrelevant :)

Ordered one of these:


I am having some funny issues after moving to the 4 bar map (From 3) and trying to rule out what is going on.

Hi Jordon,

From testing of those Bosch TMAP sensors, they will read down to 15kPa (around 0.3V) I calibrate them to 25kPa when I build the calibrations (as that is the consistent measurement limit of the calibration tool that I use) and then extrapolate the data from that point. Testing the sensors in engines will have them reading down to 10kPa on overrun.

Thanks. I'll give it a go and report back!

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