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Additional / redundant sensors

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I have two banks with their own fuel pump. Essentially, each bank operates with their own fuel system. Is there a way to add a second fuel pressure sensor? Even if that sensor doesn't effect / trim bank 2, I'd still like to be able to pull up both sensors on the laptop (or better, set alerts).

Thanks in advance.

This is what custom firmware gives you. The ability to add a simple feature like that. If you are using a custom package, ask the developer to add that.

Alternately, look for other pressure channels and just use one of those. Many are just used for information, and you could repurpose. In M1 Tune, look in the Initial Setup Workbook, and at the "ECU I/O" tab, search for "pressure", and you will find Sensor Resources for like Coolant Pressure, Exhaust Pressure Bank1/Bank2, Steering Pressure, Transmission Pressure.

I see. So if I were to get M1 Build and a developer license, I could do this?

Alternatively, I could just repurpose another sensor input? How do I know which ones are purely informational and won't inadvertently impact fuel / timing? Can I rename the sensor in M1 Tune, or do I just need to remember "Steering Pressure" is "Fuel Pressure 2"?

Thanks for the quick reply.

You need to read the firmware help to understand how various channels are used. Start at the sensor and just work your way backwards up the tree to see how it's used. Often you will see something like -- "this value is not used by the firmware and is for informational / logging purposes". An example of this is the Mass Airflow Sensor. Pretty sure Coolant Pressure and Transmission Pressure are similar. You will not be able to rename these in the standard package, but if you log this, you could have your I2 alias them to another channel name like "Bank 2 Fuel Pressure". If your package allows ECU Transmit, then you could send this channel to a dash, and receive it as a properly named channel (i.e. "Bank 2 Fuel Pressure").

With an M1 Build license you will be able to modify a source project (if you are skilled enough), however you may not have access to the source project for the package you are using, not all of them have been made available to individual developers. It might be better to work with a developer who can do that work for you, so you would just need the Build License in your ECU to enable a custom package by the developer to be installed. I know this is confusing, so feel free to contact me directly to discuss the various options and the pros and cons of each. My email is ferg@veracitydata.com, or call our office 805.238.1699

Thanks David, that makes sense. I am a software engineer by trade, so writing the code doesn't bother me. In this case though, the cost for the license and effort doesn't seem worth it to be able to simply see my preferred label in M1 Tune.

When you say "read the firmware", I don't know where the firmware documentation is. Are you referring to an area within M1 Tune, or some documentation I can download? Seems safe to use something like "Steering Pressure", but I didn't know I could see how each sensor was being used as you describe.

Great info David. Robert firmware context help and help are both available in M1 Tune in the Help menu.

Thanks all. I'll read through the firmware help and look for an appropriate sensor to repurpose.

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