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i am in the process of tuning a 6cyl nissan tb48 engine twin turbo running two sets of injectors primary injectors 2000cc and secondary 6000cc i am planning to run secondary injectors for anything above 20psi boost i want to run 100% on secondary injectors since its pure methanol i did the setup in the motec m150 i ran both sets at idle just for a test purpose i cannot get how i can make the timing changes from main ign table to alternative ign table and how to link the ve tables i saw there are blend tables but they seem to work only for e85 i would love some inputs on this.....


Are you running two separate fuel systems in the vehicle? and are you running it in Secondary Fuel mode? if so, the Alternate Fuel Mixture and Timing functions are not used. All of the Ignition timing is based on the Ignition Timing Main table, as the switching point for the Secondary fuel system is a configured item.

Yes two seperate fuel systems what i did now is made a dirver switch where i can command 20psi boost on map A, the. On map B for fueling i command 36psi boost and it runs on meth anything above 20psi......

another question my primary injectors are id2000 i am using fuel pressure sensor on both lines the secondaries are billet atomizers 575lb/hr i am using predefined data for the 2000cc and the 575 are not defined in motec 550 are so i used their data....how ever i have really bad hesistation on tip no matter what i do to the fuel film it wont get away? Any inputs on this would be appreicated

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