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Any plans to add to this course?

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Wondering of there are plans to get more in depth with things like advanced fuel film and AIT calibrations.

Or perhaps to update a bit, given pretty significant changes in the firmware and packages?

Hi guys, apologies for the slow reply here. Since filming both the MoTeC M1 course, as well as the Link G4+ course, we've decided to change our angle a little. As you've alluded to, all ECU manufacturers are constantly updating their firmware and as a relatively small team here it's all but impossible for us to continually update our courses as these updates occur. Both the courses I mention are also intended to be a software tutorial as opposed to a 'how to tune an engine using XXX ECU'. What we've decided to do instead of updating our courses constantly is to try and include the more advanced information within webinars and also include 'how to' demonstrations as worked examples. If you search our webinar archive there are a number of M1 specific webinars that build on what is in the software tutorial.

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