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Benefits to using optional boost gauge reference sensor.

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Are the any advantages to running the optional boost gauge reference sensor versus just using the MAP sensor?

That really depends on your package. What does the F1 Help for Boost Gauge Reference say (I don't find that in the GPA or GPR packages I looked at).

I think the Boost Pressure Sensor is located before the throttle and of course the MAP sensor is after the throttle in the manifold. Might be useful for understanding where you are on the turbo compressor map under part throttle conditions.

Thanks David - I was thinking about that, but still trying to wrap my head around the potential benefits.

Guessing that it could potentially control wastegate sooner... bleeding off boost spike when the throttle close prior to the BOV opening, or as you said manage charge pipe pressure under partial throttle.

Wishing there was documentation from MoTeC, behind this... I mean their engineers spent time adding the functionality for a reason. Here is what my firmware package help says:

"Boost pressure is sensed either by a dedicated pressure sensor or derived from the manifold pressure sensor."

Andre talks about the option to use a separate boost sensor in the training, but not the potential benefits... figured he might know.

Cheers, Aaron

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