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C125 Can Message to M1 on 0x07F0

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I am trying to send a momentary switch on standard 0x07F0 to M1 Driver Switch 1. I can choose the CAN message in Driver 1 Switch menu but can't see any values when switch state changes( i can see the Sw state in C125 working perfectly normal on chanels Monitor) all othe messages sent on 0x07F0 from C125( temps..press, speed , custom counter ) are working perfect. Does the M1 FIRMWARE expect a Multiplier(..divisor or adder) for Swicth status/ or value( send as mV?)

Ps.in C125 sw states are 0 and 1

Thank you

The value should show up as 0.001V on the driver switch. Make sure you are displaying 3 decimal digits.

i have been known to multiply the output value on the dash by 100 or 1000 to make it easier to handle

Hi Claudiu,

This document should assist.

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Thank you everybody!!!

As i suspected a multiplier was needed to recieve message as mV value. My mistake was using faling edge and it needs rising edge.

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