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CAN template for C185

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Hi, has anyone got a CAN template for the Bosch MS 4.3 Grand AM CAN. Or can someone do a simple translation from the data sheet to what it should look like on the Motec Dash software? I have attached the data sheet.

I haven’t got the car to test it, and need to give the file to the customer and talk him through how to load the file, didn’t fancy talking him through writing CAN message.

Many thanks

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  • bosch-ms-4.3-grand-am-can-stream-2007-race-keeper-extended-can-channels.pdf
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Motec (email dasupport@motec.com) should be able to provide you the template for Bosch MS4.3. If they can't let me know and I will send them to you.


Here is documentation on the templates available from MoTeC USA:


Hi David, thanks for the speedy reply. I have sent Motec an email but no reply as yet. Any chance you could send me the template.


Thanks again for your help.


The C185 came along a long time after the Grand Am cars, but I have sent you the relevant information to the email address listed above.

Hi Guys

Thank you for your help earlier in the year with this. The car is finally up and running and I can upload the CAN template but of course they are on a receive to the Motec. What I need is that CAN info transmit to a Race Keeper HD video system. (Race Keeper has told us the GrandAm CAN is the one it will accept) I tried to just change to transit instead of receive but it didn’t like it. Is there a simple way to do this instead of rewriting every channel?

Race Keeper should be able to give you this information. If not, just connect it on the same CAN-bus as the Bosch ECU and see if that works becuase if Race Keeper are saying to use "the GrandAm CAN" that sounds like it comes from the Bosch system and not the MoTeC.

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