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Clutch slip in I2

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Hi all,

My most recent track day ended with a blown clutch, and so I've got a new Tilton unit buttoned up, and seems to work fine in my Radical SR8 and M150 ECU. I found a value in the data log called "Clutch Slip", and so I added it to my recording list. Playing the data back from a low speed "up and down the street" test, I get values near 100% when the clutch is pushed in, but values of negative slip when the clutch is out. Values like -13%, -5%, etc. I'm happy to post a log if anybody wants to look carefully at it.

My question is if there's a way to calibrate this so that I'll be able to tell if the clutch is actually slipping. Has anybody got any experience with this?

Many thanks!

Hi John,

The Clutch Slip channel is generated using the Engine Speed and Gear Input Shaft speed. If you log both of these channels and overlay them, do the speeds line up when the clutch is engaged?

If there is a difference, look at the Gear Output Shaft Speed and Gear Ratio overall to ensure that they are generating the correct data.

Thanks Stephen! Unfortunately, I wasn't logging any of the necessary channels, but I'll check it next time on track.

Hi John,

Thats always the way, isn't it?

lol, yes that's how it always goes!

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