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Controlling Toyota 86 Power Steering CAN via Motec M130

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Hello, firstly I'll admit I've not watched the course (yet) - I just want to make sure the M130 can do what I need first before delving in to it.

I am doing a complete rewire on a car which did not have electric power steering, and will be installing the electric power steering unit, complete with power steer ECU, from a Toyota 86 in to it. I plan on using an M130 ECU. Is there a way for me to send the CAN signals required to the Power Steering ECU using the GPR package for the ECU, or will I need the 86 package? The only issue with that is, nothing else in the car is from an 86. Speed signal will be coming via vehicle speed sensor in gearbox.

Secondly, can auxillery outputs on the M130 be directly controlled (on/off) via conditions dictated by a PDM30 connected via CAN? I've had a look in M1 tune and the only thing I've been able to find to set conditions for an output are things like rpm or race time.

The M1 only broadcast a set amount of information via CAN. You need build to set up custom parameters.

There is a list of what the m1 sends via CAN somewhere on the forum, but I couldn't easily find it. It was likely posted by BlackRex.

Thanks, yes I've found that with the GP-R package that the CAN messages are locked, however my C125 dash has a spare CAN network, fully configurable so I will be setting that to feed the relative information to the EPS.


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