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Dev license on M142, getting started... questions.

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I am just getting started with a M1 Motec ECU and M1 Build. I have spent a bit of time over the last week or two going through M1 Build and trying to see what the interlinking being control modules is and trying to get to just a basic package. Unfortunately (for me) the only available example of a project is the 3 cylinder version that came with the free download. I purchased an M142 and a dev license for it, do I have access to other project files for reference? I contacted Motec directly for assistance and they asked me to first reach out to my vendor. Which I plan to, but I don't know what I even have available to me before I start asking for it. I am trying to minimize the wasting of people time in back and forth emails. I had assumed (foolishly) that I would have had the GPRP-DI as an example to start with, since I am able to run all those options with a dev-license) and I'd be able to modify it from there.

In going though the 3 cylinder example file (for M130 hardware), it comes based off an older version of M1 Build (0061), just bringing the version up to the latest (0104) seems to break a lot of things. Not sure if I am even supposed to do that. Adjusting the hardware to M142 creates more issues. I would imagine I should be able to get an example file with basic Motec functionality to build off of or at minimum and example project that is configured for the latest build version. Which brings me to the question, is there a repository of more complete example projects from Motec that I just don't have access to? For example, using DI or having the full fuel model incorporated, like "Film compensation" etc.

I have a decent background in tuning and also a very complete background in System controls (industrial) and the associated programming. I am able to work out a lot of the issues to a resolution, but it would sure save me a lot of time to have something closer to what I need. For example, I plan to run the M142 on a Direct injected engine. It would be great to see how the DI injection control modules are configured and how the DI pump is integrated in the project. Additionally, just because the Build-validation/compiler is not yelling at me doesn't mean I have valid logic to effectively run my project.

Any advice or guidance is welcome and appreciated.



You will need to work with MoTeC USA to get a copy of the GPA package for your ECU. I believe that should be available. Because a few unscrupulous folks took advantage of MoTeC sharing of their original projects, they shut that down, and reverted to just making an old version of GPA available. If you really need GPRP-DI functionality I'm afraid the answer is simple -- you're not going to get it from MoTeC you will need to develop it yourself. Perhaps you should consider trading in your development license for a GPRP-DI or GPRP Pro license. At least you would get the latest features, and support for newer systems.

As a developer, I have to trade off if features my customer needs are more important that them having MoTeC supported packages (with updates) going forward. I often recommend they don't get a custom package.

Hi David,

Thanks for the response. I need the dev license mostly for CAN bus integration with newer vehicles. As I understand it, I can only do this if I have a dev license. Is that correct? If a standard GPR-DI package allows me to write my own CAN messages and push pull data to a OEM CAN system, then sure, that seems more like a path I should take.

I will reach out and see if they can provide me with a GPA project/package for my ECU.



The later GP Packages have Custom CAN messaging, where this is flexible enough depend on the installation. It is possible to get Projects other than GPA, you will need to provide a business case and sign NDA's if approved.

Hi Stephen,

Very helpful to know. Thank you.

With respect to the custom CAN messaging needs, I would imagine I would have to be able to set scaling and offset to translate a given channel input into a format that the receiving end is expecting. Then be able to assign the beginning of that bit sequence at some user defined start bit. The reverse would need to happen for my inputs from the vehicle. I would also need to be able to define the message ID number as well. Plus whatever else I don't realize at the moment. Not sure if that flexibility exists outside of M1 Build, sure didn't look like it to me. What I saw seemed like only pre-canned options. Simply, as I am sure you are aware, there is just so much variation in what a message can be, that I would need it very flexible. I will look again.

For reference, my current target vehicle is my personal 2022 WRX that I am using to learn on. I have just begun to decipher the CAN messages.. it's taking more work than originally anticipated. In the case of my 22 WRX, I am seeing what appears to be some bytes that contain multiple fields of info, so I would have to be able to combine channels into a single register and send or pull apart as needed. Maybe my approach/method of thinking on this topic is incorrect...

As always, I appreciate the advice. I am a newb in this world, so I am all ears/eyes.


You can download the latest baseline packages (not the projects) and try for yourself to see if the CAN configuration is sufficient. Of course you can't send that to an ECU without the appropriate license, but you can examine the configuation options, read the help, etc. Looking at the latest GPRP-DI (M142), use an All Calibrate tab to look for "ECU Transmit", you can see how a CAN bus can be selected, 4 different messages (with a unique CAN ID for each), and you can pack up to 8 signals in each message.

Here is where you can find the MoTeC supported packages:


Just click the packages link on the left side to see what's available. Follow the links and you can download different versions.

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