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I would like to know the difference between the different outputs , half bridge, peak and hold injector, low side injector etc.. and can i run anything on any of them for example can i run a fuel pump on any of them?

First, have you read the M1 Outputs section of the M1 ECU Hardware documentation? (hard to find use search on the MoTeC documentation M1 ECU Hardware.pdf)-- it details the limits of each of these outputs.

But it doesn't necessarily tell you how / when to use them.

-- An Full Bridge (composed of two half-bridge outputs) are used to control servo motors that need to move in both directions (like a DBW throttle motor).

-- A Half Bridge can drive a signal in one direction (High-Side to the battery voltage, or Low-Side to the battery negative voltage - 0V)

-- A peak and hold injector has the ability to deliver different current levels when switching (ie, a peak current, and a hold current).

-- A low side injector (and Ignition) outputs can only drive to ground, so the device (Injector, VVT Solenoid, Ignition Ignitor, external relay) is typically permanently powered.

So, you could use any of these to run a Fuel Pump if it were attached through a relay. Depending on the current requirements, you may be able to run the fuel pump directly with PWM control using a Full or Half-Bridge output.

My suggestion, read the manual above, use wikipedia or other resource to help with terms you don't understand, work with your MoTeC dealer to wire your M1 ECU.

In reading the manual and searching the internet, I am still a bit confused if there is an advantage to using the Peak Hold Injection outputs over the Low Side Injectors; the documentation indicates that the PH can also run high-impedance injectors.

For reference I will be using Injector Dynamic 1700x injectors on the M150.

You can use either Peak & Hold Injector or Low Side Injector output s with our ID1700x injectors. There is no advantage to the P&H if you are using high impedence injectors other than there might be a bit more diagnostic info. I typically use the P&H just in case we were to switch to a low impedence injector in the future -- it's more flexible since it can work with both types.