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Dual Cam M150 Toyota 86 Plug in

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Please.. help me again on this.

I load the base map the latest from motec. Car is stock. Runs fine with stock ecu.

Once i run the map from motec. Calibrate the tps and servo..

Idle up

I touch nothing on cam.

Test driving it.. once it get hot or warm.. arround 1-2 kilometers.. cam inlet 1 going wild deopped down till -20 i think on the datalog. And wngine dies.

Help to solve this.

Here is what i tried already.

When i zeroed pid.. engine dies.. sudenly.

How can i get the feed duty tune properly then.

Frequency ?

I leave it 300 as stock.

Other cams is fine.

And again. No dtc or problem or error on stock ecu.

Are you getting any diagnostic errors on the Cam Position sensors? What do the signals (both good and bad) look like on an Oscilloscope (or at least in Input Capture when the issue has occurred).

It did not... no dtc at all. Today i am going to post the datalogs.. and the dtc screenshot.

Also if might i will attach video.. whenever i put 0 my P I D , engine stall and died..

I read about frequency changed to 150Hz its half than my stock calibration is.

Am I in the right direction david..? To set this to work properly i have to tune the offset first, with unplug the vvt actuators.

Thrn plug back in. To tune the feed forward..

Now when tune the feed duty, do i have to zero the PID ?

I've tuned 2 different 86's on the M1 platform and have had satisfactory results with the base calibration in terms of the cam control. I've made improvements mainly due to the different oil viscosity we run in our car compared to stock, however the base PID should be well in the ball park. likewise there should be no need to change the frequency - 300 Hz is pretty typical.

To optimise the feed forward you will need to zero the PID gains otherwise the ECU will try to correct for errors. You want to do this with the rpm at 2-3000 which will also get around your stalling issues. While at the moment we don't have a full worked example on the M1, the VVT Tuning course covers the steps involved.

Andre thanks. Been great help.

Yeah turns out has to tune each cam vvt

Feed, offset, pid, even the voltage threshold.

Finally done them. And each cam has different number on my tune.

The stall is because the other PID is not zero. So u have to zeroed all pid in both intake cams or exhaust when u calibrate them

And base duty driving too much so it goes stall. Has to race againts cam positions when doing this first time with my car from a base ots motec map.

It clearly my calibration are very far from correct before i turn off PID.

I am too reliable to base map from motec that they said to be reliable and good to go.

Now my engine is teared to build.

Mid sleeve

Wiseco hd

Forged skunk2 rod

King bearings

Arp studs

3 angle valve jobs.

Cnc port


And lastly supercharger eforce.

Just note for anyone there building fa20.

Oil pressure has to be consideration. Since this car has eratic pressure related to temps.

I upgraded with pikup and pumps

Thanks all

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