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ECU Master - EGT to CAN in M130

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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is it possible to wire an EGT to CAN from ECU Master in the M130? Same package for the Yamaha jetski like I asked before about the fuel pump speed control

It does not look possible to me. The Yamaha SVHO firmware package doesn't have any provision for generic CAN message receive. I would have suggested a MoTeC E888 (which does the same function), however the package doesn't seem to have support for that either.

I have also a Motec CDL 3 which I can connect with M130 via CAN. Is it possible to connect the EGT to CAN from ECU Master with CDL 3?

From the product description page, it seems likely you could get the ECU Master EGT-to-CAN data into your CDL3 for display & logging. I did not download their software/manual to verify this.

As long as you can define the ECU Master thermocouple amplifier's bitmasking then it should be fine. Most ECU master software and hardware is very transparent in that.

this is the information I´ve got from Motec:

You can configure individual lambdas but they must come in on CAN ID range the same as normal LTCs

So normally 0X461 0X462 0X463 0X464. If ECU Master can do this then simple job.

what I can choose in ECU Master Software for EGT to CAN is the, CAN BUS Speed, byte order (Intel - Little Endian or Motorola - Big Endian), Msg1 and Msg2 ID decimal.

see attached picture.

HEX 0x461 converts to decimal 1121

do I have to put this number in Msg1 ID decimal? Any experiences on this?

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