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Eff. table calibration setup

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Hello , so i currently tune my efficiency table by disabling all fuel trims and ignitions trims and closed loop trim and fuel film trims. My understanding is that the Q calibration will correctly remove any trims from a closed loop trim if it is applied but i am unsure about the rest. Could you clarify the other trims. Also i use a static fuel mixture aim main table of .9 lamda at all loads. I would like to know if this method is incorrect in any way for tuning the efficiency table for a first time calibration of a new motor. Thank you

Hi Spencer, you're better to actually set your lambda target table to the real targets you expect to run rather than 0.9 lambda everywhere. The Q key will apply any correction including the closed loop trims to the current cell you're operating in so I actually suggest you leave the closed loop active since it will mean the engine is already running at or close to your target when you use the quick lambda function. You may find that some cells will require 2-3 attempts to get the lambda perfect and I also suggest you use smooth throttle inputs as you move from cell to cell and allow the engine to settle for a second or two before hitting the Q key.