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Engine Efficiency

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Is the engine efficiency listed in i2 the measured efficiency from the lambda error or what exists in the VE table?

For example, in M1 Tune you can press Q and the new VE is input; so the ECU has to know the new engine efficiency.

So It would be nice to know which one i2 is using

The channel names in I2 are exactly the same channels in M1. So the Engine Efficiency, is the interpolated value from the table named "Engine Efficiency". When you press the "Q" key, the current "Exhaust Lambda" value along with the current fuel trim (if Closed Loop fueling is enabled and active) is used to determine the change to the closest cell in the Engine Efficiency table.

Understood. So there is no way to log that calculated efficiency channel based on the lambda feedback?

No, but you can do the math in I2 Pro, if you like. I would include any Fuel Closed Loop Control Bank n Trim value in the equation.

Or in M1 Tune if you aren't using Closed Loop, Click the cell the data indicates is providing the efficiency and use the "L" key (Component->Functions->Quick Lambda (Offline)). In the dialog box you provide the Exhaust Lambda along with the Fuel Mixture Aim, and it does the same calculation and updates the Efficiency Table cell.

If you are using closed loop, then you can just apply the trim value directly to the cell to change the efficiency first.