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Gear shift via CanBus ???

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Again the car is GT86 stock AT 2013

I want to re introduce back the feature from oe ecu.. which are Throttle Blip and Ignition Cut shifting

I know that the car is comunicating with m1 via canbus2 500kbps... so the paddle shift used to shift up and down are transmitting via canbus2 to m1

And also when the gear shift up from the TCM is received back into the M1 via same canbus2

So please any master here.. rex or andre.. help me how to set this right.


I don't think you'll be able to do this without technical knowledge -- do you know the CAN messages with the paddle status?

Why do you think the paddle shift information is being handled by the M1. Nothing in the Firmware Documentation under Toyota 86 indicates that (that help topic lists what is received and available as "Firmware X" resources). I don't think you are going to be able to do what you wish without some more technical details, such as the question above.

THIS IS HARD. You will need to reverse engineer the CAN bus to find the info available, then you need to see if the current package can work with that, or if not, provide the info to MoTeC and hope they will update the firmware to provide the necessary support. An example of what I mean -- you might find the TCM sends a request for torque reduction of XX%, or a request for RPM increase to NNNrpm. The MoTeC gear shift systems doesn't really have those inputs (at least not directly), so it would need to be modified. Or maybe there are messages with the paddle status for Paddle Up and Paddle Down that you can map to Driver Switches, but you won't be able to use the Gear Shift system because the transmission type is automatic not sequential. Ugh..

Asking endless questions is not how you find the answers. Connecting a CAN logger and pouring through messages is how you do it. Perhaps you can use your Mainline dyno to help you decode the CAN bus.


I really are just try to maximize the m1 to point where using m1 are better than oe ecu and reflash tool.

Yeah that being said.. even though i can grab the can data via mainline. I have to be able to translate or read what the data lingo is.

Decoding the can data is even harder.

Just need to ask the motec engineer again maybe someday they will do this on their packages.

Again, asking isn't going to help. They help people who help themselves. I'm pretty sure they don't have a Toyota 86 with Automatic Transmission sitting in the shop to do development with. So they will need YOU to capture the data, and help define what is needed.

You need to use something like MoTeC CAN Inspector to capture the OE ECU doing a flat shift and blip. You need to determine at least what CAN messages are involved and what the ECU is doing, or needs to do.

Find the messages just before the Throttle Position starts to go up for the blip. What happens when it reaches the ideal RPM and the throttle returns to closed. Look for patterns -- save those files so you can share with MoTeC.

If you want the result -- put in the work.


This would require a M1 Development Licence and the end user doing the development work.

What you're wanting to do is probably well beyond the scope of most and as Stephen mentions above, you'd need to write your own custom code with M1 Build.Given that most who are getting serious with the 86 platform will be running a factory 6MT transmission, or an aftermarket sequential, there's probably not much demand for MoTeC to do further development on the AT.

Thanks andre and stephen. I also seems given up on trying to put back the flat shift and blip throttle from stock rom.

I am talking with gerald who done translate the can data from his car. Maybe he can translate my auto and make me a device to translate to analog voltage. Finger crossed.

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