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Help with calibrating AEM 30-2130-150 - 150 PSIg Stainless Sensor in M1 Tune

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Hey all,

I seem to be striking out with my many AEM sensors I selected for this build (had many on hand) as I can not get any of my AEM 150 PSI pressure sensors to diagnostic out ok as I am getting "low faults" from all three showing resting voltage (vehicle off, ign on) of around 0.002V which is below the stated spec of 0.5. Could anyone recommend a good calibration/translation table to try? Hoping that is the reason for reading low, but I couldn't say.

I'm trying despartely to get this build/tune moving in the right direction (well tuned) but I seem to be hitting issues with AEM Fluid Temp Sensors (Coolant and Oil) and now the AEM Pressure sensors... I ordered some RaceGrade DTM NTC Liquid Temp Sensors (cheap enough), but new Pressure Sensors are going to sting a bit.

Thanks for the help!

Are you sure you have it wired correctly? I suspect you have power/ground reversed (you would not be the first to do this). Can you confirm the correct resource is selected -- short the signal to the 5V power and prove the voltage measures 5V?

I sell and use AEM (and other sensors) with MoTeC systems all the time.

I would be happy to work with you using Team Viewer to troubleshoot this. You can reach me at ferg@veracitydata.com.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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