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High VE on cruising

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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i have faced an issue with several cars that i have tuned on the m1 ecus, the VE numbers on idle and WOT are around 60 to 110 but whenever the car is cruising more than 4000 rpm on low load the car runs lean which made me increase the VE up to 150-170, i have checked there are no trims applied on that rpm and no fuel pressure drop

what could be the cause?

thank you

Are the engine capacity and fuel injector settings definitely correct in the map?

Engine capacity is correct, car is running fid 1300cc injectors but the m1 ecu does not have a config for those injectors so instead i have put id1300 injectors config which flows almost the same

Are the Fuel Properties set correctly? Did you calibrate the "Engine Charge Cooling Gain" before tuning the efficiency table?

You should send an injector to MoTeC for testing and to be added to M1 Tune. There is no charge, and usually only take a couple of weeks -- work through your dealer, or MoTeC importer in your country.