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How to set "base timing" in M130

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I tried to find a possibility to set the base timing in M130, like I can do in Link G4+. See attached picture.

Where and how can I do that?

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Assuming you are using the one of the GP packages, you do this with the Reference Offset (CRIP) Test. You can find this parameter panel in the Initial Setup workbook, on the Ignition Configuration Worksheet. This allows you to set the Ignition Test to "Set Timing", and the test timing advance. Now you adjust the Engine Speed Reference Offset value until the timing light matches the test timing value.

The Ignition Driver Delay is set in the Ignition Output - Configuration found on the same worksheet.

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Hi David,

I use the Yamaha FX SHO package for a jetski, you gave me already instructions how to control the speed of a fuelpump. In this package I cannot find the Ignition Configuration Worksheet and the possibility to set timing.

OK, packages that are locked to a single engine, (such as the Yamaha FX SHO) have the reference offset position and other items pre-set in the package, and there is nothing for you to tune. I don't imagine there is an easy way to check your timing anyway.

It's very important when you ask a question about the M130 to include what package you are using, as the firmware has the ultimate control over what features are offered, and how things might work.

I wonder that this is not adjustable, as engines from the same series are never exact the same because of tolerances.

I checked the possibilities and found out that "Engine Speed Reference Offset" and also "Ignition Driver Delay" are adjustable in this package.

Only thing which is not available, is "Ignition Test - Timing Set".

If I set, during the adjustment, the complete ignition timing table to 15 degrees, I reach the same. This way I can adjust.

OK, your package has a similar functionality. The parameter "Ignition Timing Mode" allows either "Normal" or "Check Timing". The parameter "Ignition Timing Check" is the timing value used when the Mode is Check Timing.

If it were me, I would add those parameters along with Engine Speed Reference Offset to the Ignition Setup tab Calibrate pane.

understood and done like this, see attachment

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Good Job!