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I figured this was a proper place to ask a question about i2 standard.

If guessing the answer is no but is there anyways to build a log screen that represents the VE map and populates the cells with average closed loop fuel trim? Ive seen this sort of thing with the HPtuners logging system.


No, but you might be able to use another program such as MegaLogViewer HD to do this. MegaLogViewer can read CSV files that you could create with I2 from your data, and has a Histogram / Table Generator screen.

If you have a development license for your M1 ECU, you could probably build a "Learning Table" with this. I would be interested in working on that project if you are looking to hire some help.

I've exported a log file in .csv format to MLVHD and used their histogram function. It can be quite powerful and would be a nice addition natively within the i2 software.

I just recently built the graph table in MLVHD and it’s a nice feature for sure.