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I currently have an m130 with gpr package I'm using e90 for fuel and id2000cc injectors. It's a 6cyl engine and only have 8 injector outputs but require 12. My injector duty cycle is at maximum and wanted to know if I could use a second set of injectors. For example I am wondering if I could use 2 of the same injectors and use one injector output to control the 2?

Thank you

Have you considered trading your M130 for an M150? I have a customer project upcoming that will need an M130/GPR combo -- perhaps we could work a deal to get you an M150. If you weren't aware, two of the 4 connections on the M150 are compatible with your M130 harness, so this is an easy swap.

My contact info (email & phone) is on our website https://veracitydata.com

Oh, regarding your question.. I think you could run two high impedance injectors in parallel, but you would have to tweak the injector calibration -- better would be to use real staged injection so you could idle on one set of injectors, but have more when you needed it.

Depending on what other resources you have, you can use the two Low Side Outputs (A23 and A24), the two spare Injector outputs and the two spare Ignition outputs to drive your extra injectors (Saturated injectors only), but an M150 would be a more comfortable fit for your needs.

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