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Injector duty cycle !!!

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I wonder if the data of the Injector Duty Cycle is it normal or no !!!

As it shown in the picture, 15.9% duty cycle it's the maximum with a full throttle. (see the attachment)

Engine details:

engine TB48

Manual gear

Piston low pressure

Injector dynamics ID 1000

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Injector duty cycle is a calculation that represents what percentage of time the injector is open and flowing. Your engine is turning less than 3600 RPM at this point, the duty cycle will increase with RPM and throttle position. So the most important value is at full-throttle and maximum RPM. That needs to stay below about 85-90% or you need larger injectors (not your problem).

When you use an injector too large for your needs, you will have low duty cycles. Is there a reason you aren't using 250 to 350 cc/min injectors?


Injector duty cycle is reported accurately by the Motec ECU.

Whether that amount of fuel is appropriate for your application and current engine operating conditions depends on the amount of air mass, as explained in this course Practical Standalone Tuning (hpacademy.com) in the steady state and full power fuel tuning sections.

@David Ferguson

Thanks for clarification. Now it's clear and understood.

Actually, there is no reason that I'm not using a smaller size Injectors but as the car it came with Injector ID 1000cc installed on it from before.

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