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L180/C185 Ethernet Connection Issues

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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I've been having trouble connecting to my L180 Data logger. I have it wired to an ethernet port and the connection is extremely flakey.

I know it's not the wiring because I have an EDL3 using ADL3 dash manager and its connection is bullet proof.

I've turned off my computer's firewall and anti virus and tried using a handful of computers. The only one that works so far is a fresh install of Windows 10 with nothing else on it. I also use an ethernet to USB adapter for that one and it works flawlessly, but while using the ethernet port it's only reliable 50% of the time.

Has anyone had any experience with drivers interfering with the C185 software? Or does anyone have any other ideas on what it could be?

Everytime I have problems, it is one of two things. I don't have IPv6 enabled, or I am trying to use the wrong Dash Manager (C125 Dash Manger with C185 connected, or C185 Manager with C127, etc)

Lastly, Microsoft has had some updates that overwrites some of the MoTeC components required for the Discovery service. Running the MoteC Dash Manager installer and selecting repair will recover from these issues and there are no known issues with Microsoft OS / Apps after doing that.

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