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Lambda reading of "20"

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Hi all,

I am using an NTK sensor with a Motec LTC-NTK, going to an M150. The sensor shows as "running", but the value shows "20" at idle. How can this be?! Do I have an incorrect setting somewhere? I have the collector type set to "LTCN".

Thanks in advance.

Hi Robert,

Lambda 20 is the highest value an LTCN can report, is the sensor in free air or in the exhaust of a running engine?

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the reply. I believe the sensor is working correctly. Unfortunately, I think this is an issue with the engine, not the sensor. I am not getting combustion in one bank; which is essentially pushing clean air over the sensor. The engine is able to idle smoothly on just one bank (v12), so it wasn't immediately apparent that an entire bank was out.

Ps. sorry for the late reply. I was not "subscribed" to the topic, so I didn't know you had replied.

– Robert

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