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Lamborghini Huracan MoTeC M142 torque model

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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does anyone here have a stock M142 Huracan .pkg to share?. i am intersted to see how torque model is structured.

thank you

Why? Are you planning to tune one of those?

No, but I would like to see if would bring any benefits to implement it to a custom pkg. Got few limitations for my aplication only using simple ve.

Hi Claudiu,

Knowing the insides of the Torque Model, it is a quite complex Package that wouldn't be easy to implement in the same manner as has been done in the Huracan and R35 Packages.

Yes ,i know is complicated but should be no reason it would not work on a 4cyl engine :))

I looked at the R35 package, and it's got torque limit tables, and torque request stuff all over the place. Many are in response to the external transmission control module.

I'm working on a package now that accepts external torque reduction requests. I'm just building a table of ignition compensation needed for a given torque reduction request at a given RPM. I may have to build a similar table for ignition cut% to handle the cases where the requested reduction is large.

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