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Ls1 engine trigger issue

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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i have a ls1 engine on a motec m130 ecu, whenever i crank the engine out of 10 times the car barely starts once and the rest the car keeps back firing

i have attached all my ref/sync configuration including the capture

i keep on getting bad pitch on the sync signal

Attached Files

Sure looks like you are guessing. I don't see any Inputs Capture Files, just pictures that don't allow me to zoom in or really examine the data. You should export your Input Captures and Package and upload those if you want any real help. You show two different configs, one for LS1 and one for LS7 patterns.

Are you sure the firing angles are correct?

Can you crank with the ignition off (or coils / injectors disconnected) and achieve Engine Speed Reference State of Cycle Lock that doesn't drop out. I would pull the plugs and work on that first before attempting to start the engine.

It looks to me like you have a mis-matched cam and crank wheel. The "Ls1" should have a single 360° long tooth on the cam, your capture shows you have an early "24X" crank with the later 4 tooth "58X" cam. You are going to need to change to the correct matching cam wheel.

That looks like you have the LS1 24 tooth Crank trigger wheel mated with the LS7 Cam Trigger. You either need to have a 60-2 on the crank or a single tooth on the crank.

Thanks guys, replaced it with a single tooth on the cam and the car ran perfectly

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