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M&W cdi ignition coil charge times

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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When setting up the ignition coil charge time main table Using an m&w box Would the .5ms recommended by the software help for the motec cdi apply for the m&w box and or most other cdi's? Thank you.

Yes, I would suggest using the same 0.5 ms recommended for the MoTeC CDI8. The important aspect with a CDI is that the dwell is constant otherwise it can result in the timing drifting.

I changed my settings to match this for my M150 and now I am getting an Ignition Output Diagnostic = Invalid Restrike Charge. Help menu states "Restrike Charge Time is invalid and has been limited to the supported range".

I checked my restrike settings... all are at the minimum from the help menu:

Restrike Angel = 5*

Restrike Count = 0

Restrike Charge = 1%

Not 100% confident what each of these do, but would think that a restrike count = 0 would essentially eliminate restrike functionality.

Guessing the error is due to the low charge time of 0.5ms and a restrike charge time of 1%... guessing .005ms falls outside of some threshold.

NOTE I posted this on one of my other threads... but saw this more specifically related thread and thought I would add it here... not sure if there is a way to reference another post.

Thanks in advance

It's caused by the Ignition Coil Charge Time Minimum dropping below 0.5ms and the calculated Ignition Coil Charge Time Restrike time being below the validated minimums. If you change the Ignition Restrike Charge value to 2%, the diagnostic goes away.

Thank you!

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