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m1 air temp compensation

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how would you set up an air temperature compensation 2d table for a turbo charged vehicle? the ecu will use the request from the richest aim which would be my fuel mixture aim table. could somebody provide a table from m1 tune to show how this should be set up please? Thank you

Just to be clear, the air temperature compensation in the M1 is handled within the main fuel model and there isn't an auxiliary air temperature compensation table to modify fuel volume. The expectation here is that since air temp is handled within the main fuel model, the lambda should remain consistent as air temp changes. You may however not want to maintain consistent lambda target and in this case you can adjust the lambda aim with the 'Inlet Manifold Temperature Fuel Mixture Aim' table. In this table you can target richer mixtures at higher air temps if you desire. This may prove useful in some turbo applications to combat knock. Anywhere you don't want the table to make a change you can leave the target at 2.00 (the M1 ECU always uses the richest target from any of the comp tables as the current aim).

I understand. Thank you.

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