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M1 Can Driver switch

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Is there any lesson to do this via Can

I want to use oe Can Data from GT86 for flat shift or shift up shift down related to ignution retard

Can we do it ?

This document explains how to get CAN messaging from a MoTeC Dash into an M1, if you have the address that you want to use from the OE data, then you configure it using those addresses instead.

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Thanks dean..

Will it work with the mainline can communication as well ?

So i just tap into the same Can1 High and Low as the LTC goes into right ?

How about you explain exactly what you are wanting to do.

Ok.. the dyno has the ability to recieve data via can from ecu.

I know m1 has the can1 for transmit data.

Now what i ask is how to set the m1 to send to dyno.


Wire the CAN from the M1 into the CAN wiring on the Dyno, and configure the Dyno to read it. There should be instructions from Mainline on the correct manner for doing this. If Mainline doesn't provide this information, you will need to speak to them to obtain it.

Yes i will talk to them. Just want to make sure which is i connect to can 1 or can 2.

Since the can transmit is can2 from my base package.

Because this goes to oe dash and TCM. Because my m1 use the pnp harness rev b from motec for the gt86

Will i still connect to can 1 or can 2 rex

REALLY? Can't you figure this on your own -- your ECU transmits on CAN2 -- if you want the dyno to get that data, you connect it to CAN2.

Thanks david.

Great help as usual

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