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M1 crank fuel

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Hello can someone tell me what and where to tune the fuel for cranking ? Is it on the 0 rpm on fuel table ?

Also the meaning and advice on what number should input on the mass feed when cranking.


With most packages, it will be based on the Engine Efficiency Table (fuel table for a VE model), it will be using whatever site(s) are active while cranking (so if the engine cranks at 250 RPM and MAP of 60kPA, the base fuel will be an interpolation of that location). So these values should be following whatever the trend is for the VE table.

Normally adjustments while cranking are done with Engine Crank Fuel Volume Compensation (Tuning->Fuel Volume Trim). This table normally has the Engine Coolant Temperature on one axis, and the number of engine cycles on the other. So you can have lots of fuel for only a few cycles.

Once the Engine Speed is greater than Engine Run Threshold (Initial Setup->Engine Details), it will also use the Engine Post Start Fuel Compensation.

The Throttle position in DBW setups is controlled by the Engine Crank Idle Mass Flow -- Its value is a percentage of the Idle Actuator Throttle Aim Maximum. Often you will find that a bit more Engine Crank Idle Mass Flow at colder temperatures will help the car start.

I have no experience with Direct Injection engines so can't offer any advice specifically for those.

Hello david. Thanks for confirming..

I can make it 100% pi for cranking like andre did.

Because the package base number is 120% something on cranking with DI

The stock map is cranking with PI

Again thanks for the confirmation

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