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M1 GPR Pit Speed Limit.

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Is it possible to run pit speed limit with a cable throttle car? I've tried setting it up but seems to react very slowly. Now I just have the switch act as a rev limit at 4900rpm because i know that in 2nd gear the speed is 57kph. but this methods only really work in 1 gear.

I have 3 VSS, Front left, front right, and transmission output speed sensors.

Yes, you can do that easily. If it's not working well, I would suggest you look at the various range and threshold settings. It helps to play around with the basic engine rev-limiter at a relatively low RPM (say 3000), until you can make that work smoothly and without too much overshoot. When you have that working well, then transfer those setting to your Vehicle Speed Limiter. Sorry not in front of my M1 Tune to give you exactly channel names.