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M1 GPR Rotary Firmware question

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I purchased a used M130 which has the GPR Rotary firmware installed. I'm curious if I can run a traditional motor, specifically a 2JZ-GTE with it since it has the GPR package?

I think you will need to "trade in" your package for the standard GPR package. You should get 80% of the package value on the trade in, so I think it's a very fair deal. You may contact my company, Veracity Racing Data,, 805.238.1699 and we can arrange that for you.

Due to the changes between the GPR Rotary and GPR Packages, as it being restricted to 4 rotors maximum, it would be better to either dual license the M1 so that you can run either Package on the M1, or to trade in the GPR Rotary for GPR, as David suggested.