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M1 secuity, allow datlog, lock tune

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Just wanted to ask if also other people found the M1 security system very annoying?

It is not possible to hide any settings in M1 tune, but dtill allow the customer to live view and log channels.

I don't get the point of the 8 logging systems. If you want to use it for different user groups, each group must be allowed to view all ecu settings. So whats the point of different user login's, if anyway each user can see all settings in the ECU?

It should be possible to allow the user see all or certain live parameters an download and open datalgs of certain data logging systems.

Maybe I'm just overlooked something, but for me the security logic just doesn't make sense. If the customer spent the money into a M1, he should at least be allowed to check datalogs to diagnose any problem which may occure on track, while I as a tuner still can protect my IP (all ECU settings)

Hi Adrian,

The M1 Security comes to the fore when M1 Build is used, as this allows for the different parameters and channels to be moved around to fit in the required security groups, thus hiding and exposing the information as needed. There are some restrictions where the logset can only log the channels that it has permission to view, this hampers setting up separate logsets using the base GP Packages as it is harder to configure the different security groups to suit.

The 8 systems allow for logsets to be created that only run when certain triggers are met, such as a logset that is triggered by the Launch State or Nitrous operation. You can then have the channels that are applicable to that function being logged at either a higher rate than normal (such as wheel speeds in launch at 100hz rather than 10hz in the Normal logset) or logged at all. You may not want to have the channels always being logged and using up logging memory if the function that they are associated with is only activated occasionally. For an example, in my M150 I have my base logset, and then separate logsets for Antilag, Launch and Gearshift. These logsets are triggered by the functions State going active, and log for only as long as the State remains as such, this allows more detailed analysis of the operation of those functions without chewing up logging in my main logset. I will ensure that I have one channel (typically Engine Speed) in each of the logsets to allow for them to be overlaid on the Normal logset.

Hi BlackRex

Thank you for the solid answer. I'm mostly aware about the possibilities with M1 Build, but even there it seems to be very hard to just hide ECU settings and still allow logging and converting.

That's a really nice way to use the different logging systems, I never thought about it using it this way tbh. I guess during download, all data logs of the different logging systems are merged into a single data log. So you have to open only one log in i2, isn't it?

Hi Adrian,

The Datalogs are kept as separate files, but they can be merged into a single file if needed in i2.

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