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Thanks for taking the time to look at this for me. Can someone take a quick look at my file and see if I'm on the right track with my shift cut/gear cut setup? I want to make sure i'm in the ballpark before i attempt to see if it works on the road. Thank you!

I've tried to attach the tune file but get a "null file" error when trying. Is there another way?

I would make sure you have Gear Shift Engine Speed Match enabled. Then make sure the gear ratios (including the final drive ratio) are correct. Log data (you usually need Level 2 logging to get gear shifting working correctly), and make sure Gear Ratio and Gear Ratio Estimate are showing the same values -- if not investigate why not (wheels speeds, incorrect ratios entered, other drop ratios in the transmission, etc).

To post your package, you will need to export it at an archive file (use the open package window to do this), and you may need to put that into a zip archive for the forum to allow it to be uploaded.

Thank you for the help, here is the zip file. All the gear ratios are correct and the wheel speeds read correctly from previous logs.

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Hi Ryan,

Your First Gear Ratio is lower than your Second Gear Ratio, is this correct? Your Gear Estimate Ratio should be set to less than half the difference between the two closest ratios for correct detection, if the Gear Estimate ratio is out and estimates the incorrect gear, then the shift will not function correctly.

You do not have a Shift request (Lever or Switch) configured to request the shift cut.

You Shift timing should have pre-shift and recovery values, the current settings will be very aggressive in the cut and recovery, essentially there is no blending of the cut in and out.

You can also use the Throttle Aim settings with the DBW throttle to assist in the shifting as well.

Stephen thank you for taking the time to help me. You actually solved an issue I was having that I didn't even ask about. My car was never reading 1st or 2nd gear when shifting through the M1, it wasn't reading in the M1 until about 3rd gear. Obviously because the gear ratios were incorrect, so thanks for bringing that to me attention. I use a clutch pressure sensor which I setup to tell the M1 when the clutch is engaged/disengaged. I thought the M1 knew that and based the shift cut on that when the clutch was disengaged. Am I correct? I will work on the other things you suggested. I appreciate you taking the time to help me learn.

Hi Ryan,

I have upgraded to the latest firmware as this has custom CAN in it. I have done this before to generate a virtual gear lever upshift input using clutch state as the trigger, I cannot guarantee that it works here as this is a John Reed Racing Partner Package that does the custom CAN differently to a MoTeC GP Package and I do not have a JRR licensed Firmware to test it with.

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  • JRR-Toyota-2JZ-M150-01.03.0002-February-2022-Burnett-Supra-GEARSHIFTTEST.zip
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Thank you, I can admit when something is above my head, and this may be, however I assume what I need to do is link the custom can message to a driver input switch to make this work? Such as using signal 1 "clutch state" then selecting that can signal in the driver input switch?

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Looks like i don't have the correct license for this new firmware. I assume my only option now is to add an actual clutch switch input to the ECM to make this work.

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Try this one.

I have the input linked to Driver Switch 1, which is then into Gear Lever Up.

Attached Files
  • JRR-Toyota-2JZ-M150-01-v2.03.0002-February-2022-Burnett-Supra-GEARSHIFTTEST.zip
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Thank you Stephen, i will try this.

I was unable to load that file, seems I don't have the correct license.

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Try this one.

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  • JRR-Toyota-2JZ-M150-01-v3.03.0002-February-2022-Burnett-Supra-GEARSHIFTTEST.zip
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Circling back around to this. I am trying to figure out if it's possible to have this work with a strain gauge on my H pattern dog box? My thought process is to use two different driver inputs and set them based on strain gauge voltage. My strain gauge rests at 2.5 V so I'm thinking i could set up a driver switch to activate the ignition cut for up shifts when pushing forward, and then use another driver switch tied into the "downswitch" to actually active upshifts when i'm pulling back on the lever. Is this a good option to get the shift cuts when pushing forward and backwards to shift up?

Or am i better off setting up the gear lever force to do this?

If you have the Gearbox type set to H Pattern, then only up shifts are acted on. All gear shift requests are considered to be an up shift irrespective of the direction being read by the strain gauge and only Power On Upshifting is activated. So run the strain gauge into the Gear Force Lever and set it up as normal.

Just an update, things are set up as Black Rex suggested and working good, Thanks again.


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