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M130 can message assignment

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Hi all,

Apart from the ltc, I'm also running a AEM 4 Chanel wideband, (individual cylinder) the AEM came with the can messages, how would I program the m1 to read this?

Hi Girch,

Without using M1 Build to write custom CAN receive templates into the Package for the AEM units, then no, there is no way of currently using a non MoTeC lambda device with the M1's. At the same time, most other aftermarket ECU's do not support the LTC or PLM in their operation as well.

That's a shame. I guess I would need to run them as analogue voltage input, using it as raw data

If you have a Motec dash then you do have one option.

We're using the AEM 4 channel UEGO on our Toyota 86. I have the AEM unit connected to our CDL3 dash via CAN where the CAN communications is very flexible. Once I have the 4 lambda channels in the CDL3 I'm then transmitting the data back out on the same CAN ID as the M1 expects to see LTCs on. In a way I'm using the CDL3 as an LTC emulator.

I do have a c125, I was planning on running the AEM through it, I didn't know the c125 would accept the AEM via can.

Any tips/tricks Andre?

Hi Girch,

There is already a CAN Receive template in the C125 Dash Manager software to allow for the Dash to read the AEM UEGO unit. You would need to copy the settings out of the LTC Receive template and make a custom CAN Transmit template that sends the lambda data to the M1 using the same address formatting as the LTC. You will need to make from templates with the different addresses to get the individual values across.


Thanks for the tip.

It's on my list of things to do!

Hi Andre,

found this old post. I want to connect 4 EGT´s via EGT to CAN from ECU Master to my M130. I have a CDL3 in the middle. Can you explain me how to setup?

Hi Thomas, if you have the EGT data being decoded directly into the dash then the simplest way is to then transmit the EGT channels back out to the ECU. I don't have my PC laptop in front of me but the process is quite straight forward. In the M1 software you chose the base 'Receive Address'. In the dash set up a transmit message on the same address and send the 4 EGT channels on this address. Each EGT channel should be a length of 2 bytes. Start EGT 1 with an offset of 0 and each subsequent channel needs the offset increased by 2.

In the M1 software under EGT you can then select the matching CAN address and offset. Let me know if you need more info as I can be a bit more thorough with my PC laptop in front of me.

Hi Andre,

the first thing is to get the information from the ECU Master EGT to CAN to the CDL3. I´ve attached a screenshot of the adjustment possibilities from EGT to CAN. Do you see a way to make these informations understandable for CDL3? I found out that Racegrades TC-8 device has a preadjusted Motec E888 setup, which makes it easy to transfer the information to CDL3. Unfortunately I bought already the ECU Master EGT to CAN, so would be happy to make this working.

Attached Files

The screen shot you've attached gives the address that the data is being transmitted on. In this case it's in decimal format but you can use the scientific mode of your laptop calculator to convert to hexidecimal. In this case 1552 decimal is 0x610. This is the address you'll need to set up the receive message in your dash. The length will be 2 bytes and you may need to adjust the multiplier/adder etc to get the EGT reading correctly in the dash.

Hi Andre,

with a little help of Chris Groves from Motec, I´ve got it running. See attached picture. Now I have the sensors in the CDL3 displayed, how can I get this information transfered to the M130?

Attached Files

Once you've got the EGT data into the dash you need to set up a transmit message from the dash and send those 4 channels out so the M1 can receive them. The process here is to make sure that the base address matches whatever the receive address is set to in the M1 (both are adjustable). In our Toyota 86 I'm transmitting lateral G force from the dash so that can be used as part of the traction control strategy. This is set up in the dash as a Transmit Message with the format set to 'Fixed binary' and alignment to 'Normal'. The address format is 'Standard' and in my example the base address I'm using is 010. The transmit rate needs to be set to something useful too - For EGT data 25 Hz is ample.

Next you click on transmitted channels and set the message type to 'Single', then add your channels . Each channel needs to be sent out with a length of 2 (bytes), and increment the offset for each additional channel - start with 0 for EGT 1 and then 2, 4, 6 for the remaining channels. Next in the M1 you need to make sure the base address matches and then you can simply select each EGT input as a CAN slot - Start with message o, offset 0 for the first channel and increment the offset for each additional channel. For CAN inputs the 'type' should be set to calibrated and you may need to adjust the scale to get the reading to be in the correct format - i.e to locate the decimal in the right place.

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