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M130 yamaha fzr package

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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i was tuning this turbo charged yanaha fzr, everything ran fine except that i kept getting an error on high rpm, engine speed pulse rejected also i was getting the fuel injectors limit error when i open the run of the jetski on the i2, it keeps on missing on high rpm what could be the issue?

And regarding this package guys the jetski has a c127 data logger fixed on it, but i cant find any place on the ecu to config can transmit on the ecu, cant get it to read from the ecu.


You should really contact MoTeC for support on that package. You could also try their user forum: https://www.motec.com.au/forum/index.php

The Engine Speed Pulse rejected sounds like noise on the Engine Speed Sensor. May be OK, or you may need to tune the Engine Speed Pin Debounce. Do you also see "Threshold Noise" or "Hysteresis Noise" on the Engine Speed Diagnostic channel?

Fuel Injector Limit comes from "Fuel Timing Limit", it is suggested this parameter starts at 180deg BTDC. What are your settings for Fuel Timing (table), Fuel Timing Edge and Fuel Timing Makeup?

If you're values are OK, you might just need bigger injectors or to use a higher fuel pressure for your turbo application.

Hello david, thanks for your fast reply.

regarding the engine speed sensor the only error i am getting is the rejected pulse.

as for the injector limit i tried to run the fuel timing at 180,280,380 as for the fuel timing makeup 190,290,390 but i would still get the same error.

i am running 4 bosch 2200cc bosch injectors on ethanol 99% with 2.9 bar fuel pressure on idle

To understand if those Fuel Timing Limit values are OK, we will need to know the tables values used for Fuel Timing, as well as the setting for Fuel Timing Edge.

You could upload a copy of your Package and/or an I2 logged data file.

David I just attached the log file, you will find the errors on most of the full throttle runs.

Attached Files


There aren't enough channels in that log to tell much, (specifically missing Fuel Timing). Can you please verify that you have Fuel Timing Edge set to "End of Injection" and that the Fuel Timing table has values greater than 180 (I would expect values like 300 - 450 deg BTDC.) You haven't changed the units for any of the Fuel Timing to ATDC have you?

I used the Tuning All Calibrate tab and search for "Fuel Timing" to find the parameters.

Hello david

regarding the fuel timing table it has been set through out all the rpms to 300 and limit at 380, make up 390.

also regarding the engine speed pulse rejected error, from what could it be?

OK, since the Fuel Timing is in units of degrees before TDC, a larger number will happen sooner in an engine cycle than a smaller number. So the End of Injection Fuel Timing should occur at like 380-250, the limit should be something smaller (like 120-180) and the Makeup should be in between (like 200-250).

I would not specifically worry about the rejected pulse if you don't see any other operational problems. I do note that it seems to happen when you have very rich mixtures, so perhaps a misfire causes noise on the engine speed sensor.

Hello david

i have set my fuel timing at 0 rpm to 400 and dropped it gradually to 300 at 10000 rpm but i have the same issue of fuel cylinder output limit, does a drop of fuel pressure cause this diagnosis? The ski has a problem with volt currently running on 11 volts

I'm out of suggestions -- really suggest you use MoTeC support for your package (email support@motec.com.au, send them an archive of your current package and a short log file showing the errors.

Good Luck!

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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