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M150 boost control settings

Hi guys,

I am tuning my twin turbo car with two external wastegates and using the motec m150 to tune it as per the course for boost control the normal vs inverted depends on ur pluming method however it was not explained in details when to use those settings i have my pluming as below : 

1. Pot 1 top of wg 

2. Port 2 pressure source 

3. Port 3 bottom of wg 

Wat should be the settings for this normal vs inverted and what 0 equated to in my feed forward table

If you plumb a conventional MAC 3 port valve in this way, you're likely to have trouble. The problem is that when the valve is energised it will supply pressure to the top of the wastegate to raise boost, however when it switches back, port 1 is sealed and hence the pressure remains in the top of the wastegate and this will effect your boost control.

I'd personally recommend plumbing the bottom of the wastegate directly to pressure. Plumb the top of the watsegate to port 2 on your valve, and then plumb port 1 to a pressure source - You can tee this off the line running to the bottom of the wastegate.

To answer the rest of your question though, if energising the solenoid will result in the boost increasing, the polarity should be normal. Duty cycle numbers of 0% will result in the wastegate boost pressure being achieved.

hi Andre,

thanks for your reply I did as u suggested and worked perfectly. I have another question last night I was tuning one of our twin turbo cars and I have all Fuel injectors data proper from ID1300 however in the tuning process I almost hitting ve of 200% and my fuel pressure is 4.5bar. should I double my fuel flow and half my whole ve table.

If you're VE table is at almost 200% then you have some characteristic tables not setup properly. I'd look at your injector data and make sure you have the right numbers entered.

I had a similar issue. I put in the M1 calibration numbers for my ID2000's. Problem is that the data sheet had one point of entry that didn't belong.

Grab a screen shot of your injector tables. That should help a bunch.