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M150 | Engine Firing Order

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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I have searched the forum for this topic and I can't seem to find the answer.

I have an M150 with GSpeedLS7 firmware, firing order 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3 and I will need to match the M150 IGN LowSide output with the correct trigger wire for my M&W CDI (ex. Trigger wire A, B, C, and so on). So, IGN LS1 = A, IGN LS8 = B, IGN LS7 =C.... M&W specifies the triggers wires are to be connected in the exact firing order.

My question is, where in M1 Tune is the firing order entered/set? I found 'Engine Speed Reference Mode' and selected GM LS7 but it does not clearly indicate the firing order that will be used. So I am guessing this needs to be entered somewhere else? Or is the firing order built in to the firmware and cannot be modified, so if I connect the IGN LS outputs as indicated above the engine will fire as it should?

Sorry for the basic question, just want to make sure I make these connections properly before moving forward.



As this is a Partner Package, GSpeed should (as part of the Partner Package agreement) be supporting you with this installation.

The firing order in this Package is hidden from the end user as it is a Locked Partner Package, hence why you couldn't see it. The Firing order as set in the Package matches your supplied information.

To wire these coils, I would wire them using LSI1 to Cylinder 1, LSI2 to cylinder and so on through to 8, the M1 then uses the configured Firing Order to fire to correct output for that cylinder.

Hi Neil,

The firing order is calculated by the Engine Cylinder N Top Dead Centre value, these are normally displayed on the Engine Details worksheet in the Initial Setup workbook.

If you are using a firmware package targeted at a specific engine then it's likely these values have been set when the firmware was built and aren't able to be edited as it is not required.

Thank you Stephen and Rex! This is very helpful. I probably spent a good hour looking through the initial setup pages and couldn't locate. G-Speed seems to have had a bit of FTE turnover and I hope to speak with their new MoTec guy this Thurs, nevertheless very glad I have you all.

Stephen, as for wiring the coils M&W CDI installation manual states the following:

"Trigger input & coil output letters (or numbers) indicate CDI firing

sequence not cylinder number unless otherwise stated."

In the attached photos, the Trigger wires A,B,C,D.... are from the M150 and the corresponding coil output wires (+red/-blk) A,B,C,D... So, as I understand it, the M&W CDI requires the input wires to be connected in the order of cylinder firing. Going back to my first post, that would be LS ign1 = Trigger A wire, LS ign8 = Trigger B, LS ign7 = Trigger C...and so on. Regardless, as I typed this out the initial LSI output from the M150 will match with the correct cylinder number as you indicated.


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Hi Neil,

I haven't done a lot with those CDI system, but from reading the supplied information, I would wire them as you have described, so the Firing order is controlled by the M150, the Low Side Ignition outputs are a 1 to 1 relationship with the cylinder numbers and then they are allocated in the M&W in firing order. I think that this represents the wiring correctly.

M&W Firing by Stephen Dean, on Flickr

Thank you Stephen! I appreciate you putting this table together! Now I have peace of mind moving forward ;)

Have a good day!


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