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M150 GT86 "PNP Pakage"

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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I'm tuning my Manual GT86.

and directly with the questions.

* How to change the ignition table? My ignition timing main only shows A & B tables Why? What's A and what's B ? is this the new look of how to tune these tables?

* How to change fuel mixture aim [LA] table? My table only shows A & B ... Same as the ignition table?

* Whats fuel mixture Aim (main purpose fuel mixture Aim)? why do we need it? is it strictly for close loop function? or does it do other things? what if i put all zero value in the cell will that effect anythings?

* What does the VE table adjusts? The numbers in the middle if I change them what am I changing?

* What are the steps of tuning in this software? Fuel (VE), then fuel mixture Aim, then ignition, then camshaft? If the Fuel table is the VE of the engine. wouldn't changing the value of the ignition maps or the cam timing will affect the VE of the engine? Do i have to go back and forth between the tables when tuning?

Or First VE, fuel mixture Aim, ignition timing, cam timing, then go back and tune the hole VE table again? am i missing any other tables ?

* Do i need to enable closed loop after I'm done tuning? If yes why? I see close loop function is good for road use. like part throttle? Whats the con and pro for this mode? Do you recommend it for Circuit racing? If this option is enabled will it ignore the fuel compensation and trimming tables? or when enable it will look at these tables too? I assume when close loop is enabled it will look at the fuel mixture Aim? So does this answer my earlier question about the main purpose fuel mixture Aim?

* Where, and how do i adjust throttle (There is 4 work sheets in initial Setup2 for Throttle. also in the same place the worksheet "all calibrate" i can adjust the throttle there too.)? my TPS stays 8.8% when foot off throttle, when I touch the throttle it goes down to 5.8% then back up. I saw the video in your motec course. Is that how you adjust the DBW of an already packaged software? or is that the standard way to adjust any DBW with or without a specific package?

* Gear indicator not showing any numbers? Is there anything i should check? or it just doesn't show any numbers? what should i do to see the gear number there. I assume this must work for REV matching?

* Will this ecu or package do REV match on downshift? if yes, where? and how? If no how can I add or do this function?

* Things like the throttle, and other sensors i can see that i can adjust them from a lot of different places? do i have to do them all or if i change the value or enable or disable in one place will it change the value or option everywhere? or i have to do them all? or it doesn't matter ? Or can i just change in one place ,and if the changes i want happened I ignore the rest?

I Really have a lot more questions, but i think these will get me at least (hopefully) start tuning.


Hi, I'll go through your questions in order:

1. You should have a normal 3D ignition table with load on one axis and rpm on the other. On top of this you also have two maps that can be selected via driver switches or similar. If you aren't seeing this, press the 'A' key and you can select which channel will be used for the X and Y axis - I typically use engine speed for the x axis and Engine Load Normalised on the Y axis.

2. If you're not seeing a 3D table then follow the advice above.

3. This ECU uses a VE-based fuel model. The lambda target table is the lambda value you want the engine to run at each point in the table. From here we adjust the VE table until the exhaust lambda matches the target. These values are also used for closed loop operation.

4. The VE table defines the engine's volumetric efficiency. Effectively what we are doing by adjusting this table is telling the ECU what mass of air is entering the engine.

5. The first step is to make sure all of the configuration is correct, including the engine details, fuel characteristics, injector data, and sensors. Then the process is to set the lambda target table and tune the VE table until your lambda matches target. You may also need to adjust the charge cooling gain (search the webinar archive as we have a webinar on this).. You can then adjust ignition timing and cam timing as required. If you adjust cam timing then this will affect the engine VE and hence you will need to readjust your VE table.

6. The closed loop fuel control is optional. I find it excellent and use it for our 86 on the race track. You can choose how much control the closed loop has and where it will function so the setup is really up to you and how you want it to work. I see no downside.

7. What do you want to adjust? As an OE package everything typically works with little input from the tuner. When your foot is off the throttle with the engine running, the idle control system will adjust the throttle opening to control idle speed. Also if the engine is not running, the dbw system shuts down to prevent the dbw motor audibly buzzing. This results in the dbw throttle reverting to its natural rest position which is usually a lot further open than the idle position.

8. I don't believe the factory gear position works with this package. I use a MoTeC CDL3 dash so I've never had the opportunity to look.

9. The 86 package will do gear cut control and down shift throttle blip with a sequential gearbox but not with the stock manual box.

10. Often the same parameter is visible in many different worksheets. In this case you only need to adjust the parameter in one place.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Attached are pictures of how some of the tables look.

Attached Files

Please follow the advice I gave above under point 1.

Mansoor.. u are lucky your car is manual.. with auto car.. there are lots of problems and lost features compared with stock ecu..

Im still working on it with motec and myself at the momment.

I am hoping joining HPA will give me more broad ideas how to handle it

In my case.. i have lost.. flatshifting when shift up with full throttle, blip throttle when gearing down while pedal off and brake pressed.. and also silly.. start immidiate button from off position with 1 push is gone. I have to bring the car to ignition on position then i press the button one more time to get it cranking.

But i wont give up.. since all my friends and forums of FT86 are saying and suggest me to sell motec and back to ecutek or other flash tool. Since it is not giving me better than stock ecu.. but worse.. because motec took alot of good feature comes with stock ecu.

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