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mitsubishi 6 wire stepper on m130

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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hi, i need help with this idle stepper, i read the motec m1 manual, i configure all, i had used sometime the 4 wire stepper without issue, i check 2 different 6 wire on this engine but don't work well, move but not right. any idea of configuration ??

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What issues are you experiencing with it? Have you ensured you have wired it correctly.

Motec have a user guide for stepper motor on M1 ecus, it can be found on their website, but i've attached it to this reply.

The centre wires on both rows of pins is 12v supply, and each bridge is wired across the top and bottom rows of pins, and you need to ensure the negative and positive sides of each bridges are on matching sides (ie. Pin 1 and 4 are bridge negative pins, pins 2 & 5 are 12v supply and pins 3 and 6 are bridge positive pins.

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Yes, i have read, i have also try to exchange the pole of one coil so if i wrong something i exclude this fault, i put 24v in working ( less dosn' t work totaly) and 5v in steady, sometime the motor work, sometime stall and lost step, so lost the step count and dosn't work correctly. On m800 motec said of disconnect the 12+ from middle, but on m1 said that is better if we leave it.

These are my starting settings for the Mikuni idle stepper as found on the Evo throttle bodies.

The Reference voltage is the voltage that the settings were calibrated at. So it in effect works as a scalar on your settings. The fact you have it set to 24V means some of your numbers must be way off.

You need to ensure that your stepper maximum number is correct. If you have too low or high a number of steps by a large amount, it will lose count over time. The home overstep is used on power cycle to help ensure it definitely finds home.

Stepper divider alters how fast you allow the stepper to move. Having a setting to high can cause the stepper to lose steps as well. so the setting of 50 in my divider setting works out to 200 / 50 = 4. Meaning it can move at a rate of 4 steps per second.

Your idle mass flow feed forward will dictate where the idle stepper normal position should be.

I have attached a screenshot of some logging of one of these steppers operating. The values are quite low, as you should always aim to have the engine to be able to run without the need for the stepper.

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