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motec logs , lambda fluctuating

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having an erratic lambda reading under load causing drivability issues from low rpm WOT. is there any strategy on the motec that can intervene with lambda at all? can provide logs. Many Thanks

Do you have the Closed Loop Fuel Mode enabled? If so, have you tuned the Closed Loop Fuel Period table? This is critical to getting good closed operation at all RPMs -- its is dependent on the location of the lambda sensor from the engine as well as the relative exhaust manifold size. If you disable Closed Loop does the problem get better or worse?

Tell us about the car / engine -- big cams? Normally aspirated or forced induction? What is low RPM (1000?, 1500?, 2000?). Gearbox type?

Could the lambda be the result of a misfire? Misfires look like lean spikes in the Lambda data.

do you have a merge collector before the lambda sensor which is not tight and sucking in fresh air?

Thank you for the replies, closed loop mode is enabled and when looking at the logs it does try to compensate at its maximum of 20%by the looks of it at the times it does need to but its almost too late. I will check the position of the sensor and report back . This particular engine is on methanol and n/a fir the record.