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Motec M1 Coolant fan Control

MoTeC M1 Software Tutorial

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Hi, normally it's always the simplest things to make work, but I didn't find on my M1 of to make the fan work in normal operating. When I put Coolant fan control test ENABLE the fan work. But base on condition I never find a way to make it work.

if other table is missing let me know

thanks for help

if you want simple on/off operation, change the Coolant Fan 1 Frquency to 0 (not 100Hz).

I still have the same issue. at 0% duty

I think your issue is that the Vehicle Speed Threshold is 0 km/h -- this means disable the fan when the vehicle is 0 km/h or faster. Normally this is set to like 60 km/h, and the Hysteresis would be like 10 km/h.

Here is a screenshot of a working fan setup:

Attached Files

here are the settings I used, with Ignition ON, Engine OFF

fan still not working

So to be clear - the fan works when you use Coolant Fan 1 Test, but does not come on when the Engine Coolant Temperature is greater than 5 deg C.

Does the Fan run if you start the engine?

I believe you need to change "Coolant Fan 1 Power Save Delay" to something other than 0. This says "don't run the fan when the engine is not running." It defines how long the fan can run after the Engine State is no longer "Run".

You need to state the duty cycle desired for x axis condition (IE; engine temperature)

Chris - that doesn't apply if the Coolant Fan 1 Frequency is 0 hz, then it's a simple on/off control.

I make some test yesterday, once the engine has run the fan work.

But if I didn't make the engine run, like I put it off and back Ignition ON , either the conditions are enabled, the fan don't work

So it works as expected. The fan does not come on at the temperature threshold unless the engine is either running, or it has been running and the Power Save Delay hasn't expired.


That is the correct operation, the Engine State has to be Run or the Power Save Delay not expired for the fans to run. This is done as a safety feature to prevent the fans from coming on unexpectedly, such as unplugging the coolant sensor for testing with the M1 powered and the Default Coolant Temperature being set high enough to enable the fans.

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